Marcel Wanders has been inspired by different patterns of cultures all over the world. He combined these patterns to create several remarkable new and attractive patterns. The patterns are characterised by large elegant figures in which you can see depth, because the several patterns have been projected on each other. Next to the basic patterns, Marcel created several color schemes. Every color scheme consists of 4 different colours; every carpet with a width of 4 meters has 4 different colours of 1 meter each. The use of several colours in one carpet creates a special effect, especially for large surfaces.

For each application and atmosphere there is a color scheme in the program. For instance the scheme Delft for a cool and business environment and the scheme Seoel for a warm mystic appearance. Each color scheme has 2 alternatives A and B with a width of 4 meters. You can also choose for a combination of A and B to create a color scheme with a width of 8 meter.